Mengling (Kelly) Xiao 肖梦龄

B.Podiatry University of SA)

Kelly graduated in 2014 and has had extensive experience in different podiatry settings in the aboriginal and metropolitan communities, Australian and overseas hospitals, private and University clinics and dealt with an array of clientele in all aspect of Podiatry.

She believes that the best practice incorporates clinical expertise, research-based approaches and the inclusion of patients’ values. Kelly tailors treatment plans according to patients’ needs and involving them in the decision-making process to result in better treatment outcomes.

Kelly is fluent in English and Chinese.

Services include:

General Podiatry Care

· gryphotic nails, corns, callus, heel fissures and fungal toenails

Children’s Podiatry

· foot pain, in-toeing, flexible foot joints, flat foot, knee pain, toe walking, knocking knee, bow legs and children’s footwear advice.

Biomechanical/postural assessment

· Reveal any biomechanical abnormalities on lower limbs and feet

· Looking for solutions for lower back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain

Sports Injury

· Heel pain, Achilles tendonopathy, arch pain, shin splints, knee pain, ankle sprain and Morton’s Neuroma.

Orthotic therapy

· Prefabricated and customized

· Functional and accommendative orthotics)

Ingrown Nail

· Remove nail spike

· Conservative wedges resection

· Nail bracing

· Partial nail avulsion surgery

Neurovascular assessment

Diabetic foot

· Annual Diabetic foot neurovascular screening.

· Diabetic foot and footwear education

Plantar Warts

· Salicylic acid , silver nitrate treatment

· Home treatment between visits

Jack Liu 刘俊杰

Podiatrist 足科医师



Mandarin -- ( Conversational )

Cantonese -- ( Fluent )

English -- ( Fluent )

Available Saturdays and is also available for Home Visits.

Jordan Jing Chen

Podiatrist 足科医师


Chinese -- Mandarin (Conversational )

Cantonese -- (Fluent)


Age Care Podiatry Service

  • Bulk billed podiatry service with patients that have a Chronic Disease Management Plan

  • Comprehensive podiatry plan for initial visit every year

  • Our Podiatrists are bilingual (Mandarin, Cantonese and English)

  • Liase with aged care managers, registered nurses and care staff